The Hunt For Grievous

The Clone Wars Battle Packs



Clone troopers are on a mission to capture General Grievous. The leader of the droid army is on the run from Captain Rex and clone trooper Kix. Grievous is an expert fighter who easily deflects the troopers' blaster fire with his lightsaber. The action is going to be epic with this 3-pack of figures from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie! With these CAPTAIN REX, CLONE TROOPER and GENERAL GRIEVOUS figures, you'll have all the action you can handle, whether you re-enact your favorite scenes from the movie or create all-new battles of your own! Stand the figures on their included battle bases in your collection or play the Galactic Battle Game with the included cards and game die! Pack includes three figures, Galactic Battle Game cards, battle bases and game die.


    SKU: 35580 Release Date: October 2011

  • Ages 4 & Up