Republic Submarine with Scuba Clone Trooper Action Figure Set

Action Figure Set



An assault submarine glides through the water piloted by a scuba clone trooper. Marine missions require special methods for assault and reconnaissance, as demonstrated by the Republic's "Devilfish" OMS (One Man Submersible). The versatile subs can be operated underwater or on the surface of the water. Either way, scuba clone troopers can attack from the sea, firing the sub's torpedo launcher at the enemy.

Your "interplanetary" adventures are about to go seriously mobile! Your Republic Assault submarine is constructed to look just like the vehicle used in the epic Star Wars animated series and is sized just right for your SCUBA Clone Trooper figure. When it's time to attack, the launchers swing out. Set your figure on the vehicle, arm the firing torpedo launchers and blast into major Star Wars action!

Vehicle comes with figure, accessories, Galactic Battle Game card, base and die.


    SKU: 37017 Release Date: May 29, 2012

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