Snowspeeder with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo

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Skim across the surface of Hoth in a snowspeeder flown by two of the best pilots in the galaxy. This particularly nimble vehicle was used in one of the Rebel Alliance's biggest victories against the evil Empire. Your favorite Star Wars heroes don't rely on strength and skill alone - their masterful tactical maneuvering under pressure sparks the idea to trip up the enemy with a harpoon and tow cable as they dip and twist over the icy terrain. Which hero will pilot your ship on this critical mission? Crack open the cockpit door and slip your pilot inside, then get the action going with the SNOWSPEEDER vehicle's rolling wheels. As you whip across the frozen land, stand guard for enemy fighters - and prepare to take them down. Harpoon or tow cable - they'll never anticipate what you have in store. SNOWSPEEDER vehicle comes with working harpoon and tow cable, 2 action figures and weapon accessories.


    SKU: 32982 Release Date: October 2011

  • Ages 3-6

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