Freeco Speeder with Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Clone Wars Set



Obi-Wan uses a FREECO SPEEDER to traverse the snow-covered planet of Orto Plutonia while investigating an attack on a Republic outpost. The speeder has an enclosed cockpit designed to shelter the rider from the cold. The Jedi heads into a snowstorm, following tracks in the snow that will lead him to the perpetrators of the assault. Re-enact awesome Star Wars battles with this FREECO SPEEDER with OBI-WAN KENOBI Set! When you put your OBI-WAN KENOBI figure in the FREECO SPEEDER vehicle, you'll have a moving unit of pure adventure! Open the canopy to put your figure inside and retract the landing gear for takeoff! Your figure will be nearly invincible against any enemy! Set includes vehicle, figure, lightsaber, GALACTIC BATTLE GAME card, battle base and game die.


    SKU: 34296 Release Date: October 2011

  • Ages 4 & Up