Darth Vader To Star Destroyer




Anakin Skywalker flies his Jedi Cruiser into battle and uses the Force to convert the ship to a powerful Jedi mech. Drawn to the dark side, Anakin morphs into Darth Vader and changes his cruiser into a Star Destroyer that can become a menacing Sith mech. But the Jedi still remains - can he be converted back to the light side? This awesome 4-in-1 TRANSFORMER figure has 2 vehicle modes and 2 robot modes for the ultimate in Star Wars to TRANSFORMER action! Convert your DARTH VADER figure from his robot mode to STAR DESTROYER vehicle mode and back again! Will DARTH VADER be able to come back from the dark side? If you decide he does, the ANAKIN SKYWALKER figure converts from robot mode to JEDI CRUISER vehicle mode! Launching projectiles, battle weapons, lights and sounds make the action more intense! Includes 4-in-1 figure.


    SKU: 32248 Release Date: October 2011

  • Ages 5 & Up
  • 3 AAA batteries included

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