Attack Recon Fighter with with Anakin

Action Figure Set



A Republic recon fighter slices through space, piloted by Anakin Skywalker. The compact vehicle responds well to the Force-sensitive abilities of the Jedi. The attack fighter has fold-down wings so it can be transported in Republic gunships. Integrated cannons fully rotate for maximum attack potential in hostile engagements. Your "interplanetary" adventures are about to go seriously mobile! Your Attack Recon Fighter vehicle is constructed to look just like the vehicle that ANAKIN SKYWALKER used in the epic Star Wars movie and is sized just right for your ANAKIN SKYWALKER figure. Set your ANAKIN SKYWALKER figure on the speeder, pivot the wings and launch him into major Star Wars action! Vehicle comes with figure, accessories, Galactic Battle Game card, base and die. Ages 4 and up.


    SKU: 37748 Release Date: May 29, 2012

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