TIE Swatter



"I have you now."

Have a pesky Rebel fly problem you'd like to crush with one swift stroke? The TIE Swatter, a new product which incorporates patented Sienar twin-ion technology, targets flying pests with a special sensor array built right into the swatter surface, sounding off with the signature TIE fighter "flyby wail" when tripped. Features unbreakable titanium handle and pliable carbon fiber swatter mesh, which also includes micro solar cells - that's right, it's solar-powered, providing just enough "zap" to finish off the buzzy little buggers. No insect will be able to repel swatting power of this magnitude! No batteries required.


    SKU: THX-1138 Release Date: 4/1/12

  • Patented Sienar twin-ion technology
  • Sensor array built into swatter surface
  • TIE fighter "flyby" sound effects
  • Titanium handle
  • Carbon fiber swatter mesh
  • Solar-powered zapper
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