Adam Hughes Leia Dart Board Set

Gentle Giant


This classic dart board and case set is made of high quality hard wood and features a tough Bristol target board with metal rims for accurate scoring, and metal case hinges for durability. Also included are two mounted chalk scoring tablets and three Rebel and Imperial Seals of printed flights for customizing your favorite darts. The front of the case features artwork of comic book artist Adam Hughes, and his coveted sold-out lithograph "Last Daughter Of Alderaan" from the 2006 Star Wars Celebration. Featuring Leia in her famous metal bikini clutching a Vibro-Ax in the desert sun this is truly a magnificent work of art! Dart board measures 26" high, 20" wide, 3.5" inches deep and when opened measures an impressive 39.75" across. Actual darts included.


    SKU: 10623 Release Date: Fall 2012

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