The Clone Wars AT-RT

Web Exclusive Maquette

Gentle Giant


The most impressive and largest Clone Wars maquette offered to date from Gentle Giant comes as an exclusive item to!

Here comes the AT-RT (All Terrain Recon Transport). Primarily known for its speed, but boasting a nose-mounted repeating blaster cannon that makes it a formidable anti-infantry threat. This one-man bipedal walker was often deployed by the Galactic Army for scouting, reconnaissance, patrolling and quick strikes in difficult terrain on desolate planets and distant battlefields alike.

Hand painted in "Lightning Squad" colors and piloted by ARF Trooper Razor, this walker stands roughly 15" tall. Accurately detailed and built from digital animation models. The AT-RT towers high but is in scale with all the other Gentle Giant Clone Wars maquettes. The AT-RT's honeycomb base allows for stand-alone display or fits a procession of accompanying Trooper maquettes to its left and right flanks!


    SKU: 80037 Release Date: Spring 2012

  • Stands 15

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