Jar Jar Binks Jedi Mind Trick Doll

Whether you love or hate Jar Jar Binks, there's no denying that he's one klutzy Gungan. Here's a project that lets you make both good and embarrassing things happen to Jar Jar. Keep in mind that if you choose to make this Jar Jar Jedi Mind Trick Doll to be unkind to the Gungan, karma dictates that the same actions might happen to you! Poke at your own risk! Find this craft and many more in The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton from Random House.


  • Jar Jar basic body, mouth, eyes, and ear patterns
  • Light beige, brown, and yellow felt
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric glue
  • Orange chenille stem/pipe cleaner
  • Small googly eyes
  • Fabric pen
  • White paper towel or fabric
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Fold the light beige felt in half and pin the body pattern to it. Cut out the body pieces, hold them together with straight pins and sew them together, leaving a space at the head. Fill the body with pillow stuffing. Sew shut.


Using the mouth pattern, cut out two pieces to make the top and bottom of Jar Jar's mouth from light beige felt. Pinch the center of one of the pieces and whip stitch down the center to create a slight ridge. Repeat with the second piece. Cut a long red tongue from red felt and attach to the inside of the bottom mouth with needle and thread or glue. Sew the bottom mouth to Jar Jar's head and then sew the top to his head, leaving a little bit of room between the two halves. Finish the mouth by gluing two brown felt circles for his nostrils to both sides of the top of his mouth.


Use the ear pattern to cut out four ears from light beige felt. Stuff and sew the set of ears (or as the Gungans call them "haillu"), then sew them to the back of the head.


Cut out a square of light beige felt, then wrap and glue it around a short piece of pipe cleaner. Make another one. These are Jar Jar's eyestalks. Glue the small googly eyes to the end or make your own eyes with yellow and black felt circles. Then sew the eyestalks to the top of the head.


Fold the brown felt and cut out a pants shape. Make this a bit bigger than Jar Jar's legs. Cut out the back and front of a tunic next. Sew to Jar Jar's body. Note: You can color the felt with an orange pastel to add color to Jar Jar's head and body.


You can color the felt with an orange pastel to add color to Jar Jar.

In very small block lettering on the white paper towel, write single words or short phrases describing things that you would like to happen to Jar Jar. You can make the commands be good things, bad things, or a mix such as "Hiccups" and "Chased by a Reek," as well as happy things like "Work Promotion" and "Make a Jedi Laugh."


Cut out the sayings and pin them onto Jar Jar's body. This way you can replace the sayings with new commands.

Use straight pins to poke the sayings on Jar Jar's body, or use him as a pincushion for your sewing needles!