The Galactic Color Bot: Instructions
[ Star Wars Galactic Color Bot ]

Getting Started
Select an Episode II character or scene by clicking on one of the coloring pages. To begin adding colors, click a color, and then click inside the coloring page. You can work on eight pictures at once, and then print them out! For further details, please read below.

Tools Palette
The "Tools" palette automatically opens, giving you instant access to the tools you need to paint, erase and print.

Paint Shooter: This tool applies color to your picture. When you begin to play with the Color Bot, the Paint Shooter is automatically selected so that you can begin to paint immediately. All you have to do is click your color, and then click on your canvas to shoot your paint.

Paint Sucker: This tool matches colors you have created with the Color Mixer. If you want to re-use a color you've made, click on the Paint Sucker, click on the color as it appears in your canvas, and then click the Paint Shooter tool to apply the color to any area of the canvas.

Paint Cleaner: This tool is your eraser. Simply click on the Paint Cleaner and then click on the area of your canvas that you want erased.

Undo/Redo: If you paint a color over another color, this tool lets you go back and forth to see which you prefer. Simply click the Undo button to erase the last color you just used, and click the Redo button to bring it back. You can keep clicking until you make up your mind.

Image Zoomer: This tool gives you the option of zooming in on specific portions within your coloring page so that you can shoot paint into tiny or detailed areas. Simply click the Image Zoomer and then click on an area in your coloring page. The more you click the more close-up the image will become.

Image Un-Zoomer: If you have zoomed in on your coloring page with the Image Zoomer, this tool returns your page back to its original focus. Click on the Image Un-Zoomer and then click on your coloring page.

Image Mover: Once you have zoomed in on your picture, use the Image Mover to position your coloring page to the area you want to color. Click on the Image Mover and then click and drag over your coloring page to your desired position.

Zoom Level: Click and drag the level to the right to zoom in on your coloring page up to 200%. Drag left to return back to the original focus.

Canvas Cleaner: This tool removes all color from your picture with a single click. First, click on the Canvas Cleaner icon. A warning message will ask, "Are you sure you wish to clear your current work?" Click "Yes" to erase all color from your page. To resume coloring, click on a color, click on the Paint Shooter, and then start adding color to your page.

Canvas Printer: This tool activates your printer. Click on the Canvas Printer icon. Your browser's "Print" window will open. Click the "Print" button to print your coloring page.

Images Palette
The Images Palette has information about your current session in The Galactic Color-Bot.

Current Color: The Current Color square displays the current color that the Paint Shooter will apply to the canvas.

Images: Select different coloring pages from the choices located below the canvas. Just click on them to open them up. You can color them and print them individually, but ALL COLORING WILL BE LOST WHEN THE COLOR-BOT IS CLOSED or if you switch coloring pages! So make sure to print your colored image before you leave.

View All: Click this button to view all of the coloring pages there is to choose from.

Color Pallete and Mixer
The two color palettes automatically open when you begin to play with the Color-Bot. Using the Paint Shooter, simply click on any of the color and then click inside your coloring page. Change colors as often as you want!

Color Picker Palette:
The Color Picker Palette has a set of preset color swatches that can be used to color your coloring page. Click on your desired color and then click on the image with the Paint Shooter to apply the color. Once selected, the color will show up as the current color on the Images Palette.

Color Mixer Palette:
The Color Mixer Palette has three sliders that can be used to mix color. Move the red, blue and green sliders to create colors that are not available on the Color Picker Palette. The Color Mixer and Images Palette will automatically display the color you have created.

Tips & Tricks
1. Use the Color Mixer to make unique colors and then use the Paint Sucker to sample that color to use in other locations.

2. If you want to try to create the perfect "Green" for Yoda, or the perfect "Gold" for C-3PO, here's a tip - select a base color from the Color Palette, and then adjust that color by using the sliders on the Color Mixer. Check it out, it’s really cool!

3. When adding color to small spaces, make sure the tip of the Paint Shooter is directly inside the small space.

4. If you are using Windows, hold down ALT + TAB and then TAB again to go to other applications and hide The Galactic Color-Bot without closing the program.