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Which Bounty Hunters Will Survive "The Box" on Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

Which bounty hunters will be the last ones standing? It's a tournament of champions, Star Wars-style, in the next all-new episode of The Clone Wars, airing this Friday, February 3rd. Obi-Wan Kenobi is still deep undercover as the criminal marksman Rako Hardeen, and he's done such an impressive job that he's qualified for Count Dooku's ultimate test: surviving the Box.

The Box is a technological marvel, a reconfiguring obstacle course where sloppy players are eliminated, because Dooku needs the best if he's going to carry out his wicked plot to kidnap the Chancellor. A dozen of the galaxy's most skilled and notorious bounty hunters are selected to compete for the mission. Who do you think will win?

Check out the competitors in the Encyclopedia: Jakoli, Onca, Mantu, Embo, Twazzi, Rako Hardeen, Cad Bane, Kiera Swan, Derrown, Sinrich, Bulduga, and Sixtat.