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Star Wars Weekends 2012 Merchandise Update

Over the last few months, Disney has been slowly revealing some of the great merchandise fans can expect to find at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando for this year's Star Wars Weekends event (May 18 - June 10). Darth Maul is front and center this year with his return to theaters for the 3D presentation of Episode I and to The Clone Wars TV series, so Disney has given the enigmatic Sith Lord its classic Disney spin for many of the items soon to be available starting this May, including the name of a new shopping location created just for Star Wars Weekends: "Darth's Mall"!

As reported in the Disney Parks Blog in February, the event's poster artwork will feature Donald Duck as Darth Maul, whimsically created by Tyler Dumas and Casey Jones from Disney Design Group. This marquee image and theme will be used throughout the Star Wars Weekends 2012 merchandise collection, including ceramic mugs, towels, picture frames, t-shirts, pins, buttons, shopping bags, watches, figures, and an iPhone 4/4S case, among others.

More items recently revealed include:

  • Open and limited-edition pins, boxed pin sets and a framed pin set
  • Darth Vader's chest t-shirt with detachable cape
  • Chewbacca-inspired bandolier neck lanyard
  • "Piece of Death Star" pin
  • Six new Disney/Star Wars Vinylmation characters
  • Jedi Knight legs beach towel
  • Six different phrase buttons
  • Star Tours name tag in Aurebesh (language of the Star Wars galaxy)
  • Three action figures: Donald Duck as Darth Maul, Donald as Savage Opress, and Rizzo as Yoda
  • "I am a Jedi" and "Cute But Dangerous" t-shirts

Check out some of the items listed above in the slideshow images at right, and be sure to check our earlier announcement for a list of this year's attending celebrities and appearance dates!