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Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments for 2012

Hallmark continues its annual celebration of the Star Wars saga with Keepsake Ornaments inspired by the films.

Click the slideshow at right for a preview of some of 2012's Star Wars Keepsake Ornaments , which will be available in Hallmark Gold Crown stores across the country beginning in July.

Ornaments not shown at right include:

  • Han Solo to the Rescue: An ornament depicting the Corellian smuggler turned hero astride a tauntaun as seen in The Empire Strikes Back. This ornament plays dialogue from this memorable moment in the second Star Wars film. The battery-operated ornament is 4 inches high and is priced at $32.95 with batteries included.
  • Sith Apprentice Darth Maul armed with his signature double-bladed lightsaber: The sinister horned antagonist from The Phantom Menace is 4 1/4 inches wide and sells for $14.95.
  • Darth Vader Peekbuster: A concept new to the Star Wars ornament line, the Darth Vader Peekbuster is equipped with motion sensors that trigger one of nine messages from the Sith Lord to ward off potential present-peekers.

Most of these Keepsake Ornaments will be available starting July 14 as part of the Keepsake Ornament Premiere weekend event in Hallmark Gold Crown stores while supplies last. The Darth Vader Peekbuster ornament and the LEGO Stormtrooper ornament go on sale Oct. 6, while the LEGO Darth Vader ornament returns to Hallmark stores in November for those fans that may have missed it first time around.


Star Wars fans attending this year's Comic-Con International have the chance to buy an exclusive Keepsake Ornament two-pack of bounty hunters 4-LOM and Zuckuss from The Empire Strikes Back. These special-edition Keepsake Ornaments created exclusively for event sales are limited to just 1,000 sets for Comic-Con attendees. Visitors to the Hallmark booth at Comic-Con can again pick up a series of collectible buttons featuring Star Wars ornaments created by Keepsake Ornaments. The button series will feature five designs, with one design to be given away on each day of the convention. A limited number of buttons with each design will be produced.


In addition to Comic-Con, Hallmark also will attend Star Wars Celebration VI, August 23-26 in Orlando, Fla., with an original Keepsake Ornament two-pack of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ponda Baba from the cantina skirmish in A New Hope. The exclusive actually includes an unnamed third ornament, Ponda Baba's arm, which is designed to be hung separately.

While Hallmark has appeared at past Star Wars Celebration events, this is the first year fans have been able to purchase a Keepsake Ornament exclusive at the event. A limited-edition Hallmark ornament was available at Star Wars Celebration V in 2010, with daily allotments selling out in minutes to meet very high demand.


Attendees of both conventions will get to see several Keepsake Ornaments planned for 2013 which celebrates the 30th anniversary of the release of Return of the Jedi. Those ornaments include:

  • A two-pack of Ewok characters Wicket Wystri Warrick and Teebo, the 17th in the Star Wars ornament series
  • An All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST), known among fans as a "chicken walker"
  • A scene depicting a reclining Jabba the Hutt with protocol droid C-3PO in his Tatooine palace accompanied by sound from the film
  • Also planned as Keepsake Ornaments for 2013 are Jango Fett from Attack of the Clones and Yoda as depicted in LEGO Star Wars toys and games.

Fans interested in seeing these sneak peeks for themselves at Comic-Con are invited to visit the Hallmark booth during convention hours, located at 2913-H in the Lucasfilm Pavilion within the convention's Exhibit Hall. For more information about Hallmark and Keepsake Ornaments, visit