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Star Wars Tattoo Artists Bring the Ink to Celebration Europe

For seasoned Star Wars tattoo aficionados or those considering getting inked for the first time, Star Wars Celebration Europe will be an event like no other: the highly-anticipated fan fest is set to feature a dedicated Star Wars Tattoo Pavilion, live tattooing in the Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall, and a tattoo competition. And the lineup of tattoo artists now confirmed to attend is especially strong with the Force. is excited to reveal the gifted tattooists coming to Celebration Europe, who will be available throughout the duration of the show (July 26-28) to meet all your Star Wars ink needs.

Name: Amy Denova
Bio: Amy Denova has been tattooing since 2010 and in that time has made it her goal to build a diverse portfolio consisting of black and grey imagery and dynamic color palettes. Although she is drawn to Traditional and Neo-Traditional aspects of design, she likes to keep her doors open to any style. Always striving to develop her craft, she is incredibly excited for this next step in her path of growth as an artist. Aside from tattooing, she likes to travel in a van across the country, solving mysteries with her friends and cat Salvador. See her work at

Name: Charissa Gregson
Bio: Charissa Gregson has been professionally tattooing since 2005. She did an apprenticeship with Dan Gold at Kings Cross Tattooing, and then worked at a couple of different studios before finding her way home to Jolie Rouge based in North London, UK.

She has happily worked at Jolie Rouge for 5 years. Working with a very strong team of tattooists provides an environment that gives her constant motivation to keep upping her game and produce solid, fun custom tattoos. She tattoos in a variety of styles, ranging from bold solid color pieces to soft black and grey, with a healthy dose of fancy script.

Having always been drawn to anything sci-fi or out of this world, Star Wars offers a whole universe of awesome characters, imagery, and ideas to work from, perfect for

Name: Chris 51
Bio: Chris 51 was born a dork and just grew bigger. Devilishly handsome in his own mind, Chris likes little more than tattooing in this life, unless said tattooing involves Star Wars! Specializing in realism and flowers, Chris 51 always finds time to squeeze in some of his pop culture influences into any work of art he does, whether it's tattooing, painting, or baking cookies. He is a life lover, hopeless romantic, extreme chocoholic, and now, a licensed Star Wars tattooist!

Name: Chris Jones
Bio: Chris Jones is a 34-year-old family man all the way from South Wales, UK. Chris works out of Physical Graffiti in Wales' capital city, Cardiff, and has been tattooing for over 12 years. In the past, Chris was perhaps known for his clean and bright new school work. However, it's his color portraits and realism work that's turning heads at the moment.

Name: Christian Hassler

Name: David Corden
Bio: David Corden has been tattooing since June 2006; previous to this he'd spent the majority of his life as a ventilation engineer. Drawing had only ever been a hobby until Jim Gambell offered him an apprenticeship at his studio, Ritual Art.

David had never dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist and knew little of the advances being made by artists throughout the world in this field. He has been very lucky to be able to have done guest spots with some of his heroes and work some fantastic conventions around the world. David is always learning and working alongside such incredibly talented artists, forcing him to constantly raise his game.

Name: Jeff Wortham
Bio: Jeff Wortham is an artist from Florida. A lifelong Star Wars fan, working at Star Wars Celebrations are his favorite times of the year. Mostly a color artist, he is best known for an illustrative style and likes to add one of a kind customizations to his tattoos, ensuring his clients receive the highest quality of art.

Please contact him at or

Name: Josh Bodwell
Bio: Based out of northeast Pennsylvania, international traveling tattoo artist Josh Bodwell specializes in all things pop culture, realism, and illustrative, comics, and a whole lot of Star Wars!

Name: Joshua Couchenour
Bio: Joshua Couchenour is a tattoo artist out of Baltimore, Maryland. He's been tattooing since 2007 and has traveled around the world doing guest spots and conventions and winning multiple awards for his work. Joshua's work consists of many different styles, from realism to traditional tattooing. He's a huge fan of Star Wars, gaming, and nerd culture in general.

You can check out his work and contact him through his website at or email at

Name: Kevin Lewis

Name: Marc Draven
Bio: Marc Draven is not only a tattoo artist of Ink-Fusion, but also the founding father of Ink-Fusion where the worlds of tattooing and pop culture collide. He is proudly the first licensed tattoo artist ever to hold agreements with both Lucasfilm and Stan Lee.

Name: Marin Urbanc
Bio: Marin Urbanc, from Zagreb, Croatia, has been tattooing since he was 15 years old. "After finishing high school I started [an] apprenticeship in tattooing, which was 21 years ago. In 1998 I founded my own tattoo studio, Gandalf Tattoo (

Name: Matt Difa

Name: Michael Bianco
Bio: Michael Bianco is a licensed tattoo artist from Miss Phoenix Rose Custom Tattoo Gallery in San Francisco, California. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Michael's career in art began as a comic book illustrator almost 17 years ago, working on over a dozen published titles including Sherlock Holmes, the Eisner-nominated Geeksville, The Marauders, and Public Enemy with Chuck D.

Michael worked for a number of years at a Chicago-based animation company before beginning a career as a tattoo artist almost a decade ago. He began tattooing at local Chicago parlors like Flying Horse, The Gallery Of Ink, True Blue, and Royal Flesh before moving out west to establish Miss Phoenix Rose Custom Tattoo Gallery in San Francisco, California.

For three years now, Michael has been a part of the Ink-Fusion Tattoo Festival, traveling all across the United States tattooing at comic book, horror movie, and sci-fi conventions. His Futurama tattoo work has been featured on Comedy Central Insider with Matt Groening. He has also worked on illustrations approved by Marvel legend Stan Lee, and like many of the Ink-Fusion tattoo artists, he is a licensed Lucasfilm artist for Star Wars Celebration. If it's pop culture, than he loves tattooing it!

Instagram: @mikebiancoart

Title: Piero Bockos

Name: Shannon Ritchie
Bio: Shannon Ritchie really enjoys working on Star Wars tattoos and has been doing them for about 14 years. He normally works in New York City at Tuff City tattoos, but this summer he will be coming to Essen, Germany for Star Wars Celebration Europe, working in the Ink-Fusion Tattoo Pavilion.

Shannon can be reached via email at Be sure to check out his portfolio at

Name: Theresa Gordon-Wade
Bio: "My name is Theresa Gordon-Wade and I've been tattooing for over 20 years and I still love it. I've been a Star Wars fan since I was 10 and saw the original A New Hope back then. I like to tattoo in a semi-realistic style in both color and black and grey. I'm heavily influenced by art nouveau, Chinese painting, good graphic novel art, and really good photographic reference to help me achieve the best results for my clients. Aside from my awesome job tattooing I also love to paint when I get the time. I divide my time between my family, my work, my horse, and my huge collection of Star Wars novels!" See Theresa's work at

Name: Nate Fiero
Bio: Nathan Michael Fierro, (referred to as Nate by some) was born in Hollywood, California in 1979, and continues to reside and work there. Nate was lucky enough to be apprenticed by five experienced artists -- Dennis Halbritter, John Macintyre, Adam Forman, Mojo Foster, and Jason Schroder -- constantly surrounding himself by the likes of these very artists, who not only taught him, but inspired his artistic growth throughout the years. Shortly after completing his apprenticeship, Nate's career as a professional tattooer continued at High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood, California.

When approaching a tattoo, Nate favors imagery that proposes a creative challenge for him. There are countless ways of doing the same tattoo, but focusing on making each piece original for the individual client, while executing it in a way that withstands the test of time is Nate's goal. The collaborative experience between artist and client is one that is just as fulfilling for the artist when a vision or idea is beautifully translated in the final outcome.

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