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Joel Aron, The Clone Wars at Celebration VI

CG Supervisor Joel Aron will share both his expertise and his inside knowledge of the hit television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars at Celebration VI this August.

Aron, who draws on an exhaustive history of creating seamless digital effects for Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic has helped bring a feature film sensibility to the weekly animated adventures of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Those at Celebration VI can hear from Aron on The Clone Wars panels with supervising director Dave Filoni, sharing both behind-the-scenes knowledge and spectacular new sneak peeks into Season Five.

In addition to appearing on the larger stages, Aron will again treat fans to master class sessions in the much more intimate "Star Wars University" lecture hall.

Aron joined Industrial Light & Magic in 1991 as a technical assistant on the feature film Hook. He has worked on many high profile films, including Jurassic Park, Men in Black, The Perfect Storm and Pearl Harbor. As a CG Supervisor, Aron continued to push the limits of computer graphic feature film visual effects, while still working on location for principal photography. In the spring of 2008, Aron joined forces with the team behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars to help advance Lucasfilm Animation's production technology. Now, supervising the visual effects and lighting for the epic series, Aron continues to push the look of the show to be the most spectacular animated series on television.

Prior to joining ILM, Aron worked as a freelance computer artist, specializing in 2D compositing, 3D lighting and modeling and animation. He is an avid photographer, and is rarely seen without a camera.

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