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Hasbro Reveals New Star Wars Toys for 2012

Last weekend, Hasbro treated visitors to the New York Comic Con with a sneak peek at their upcoming Star Wars toy lines, including new action figures, vehicles, role-play, and other categories, including the all-new "Star Wars Fighter Pods" collectible characters game, which will include over 130 figures to collect and play with in this brand new category from Hasbro!

We've posted selections from Hasbro's slideshow presentation below, and since you're probably going to launch into it after reading this sentence (if you haven't already!), be sure to come back after you've gone through the deck for details on many of the new products depicted!

Star Wars Movie Heroes

This new action figure line includes figures with some kind of action feature, such as firing projectiles, ziplines, slashing action, and even light-up lightsabers! Here's the breakdown:

Wave 1

  • Darth Maul -- Spinning lightsaber
  • Shock Trooper -- Quick Draw Action
  • Super Battle Droid -- Firing Arm Blasters
  • R2-D2 -- Electronic lights and sounds
  • Battle Droid -- Firing blaster
  • Darth Vader -- Slashing lightsaber
  • General Grievous -- Lightsaber battle action
  • Obi-Wan -- Jedi kick
  • Yoda -- Whirling lightsaber
  • Destroyer Droid -- firing projectile
  • Clone Trooper -- backpack fires missiles
  • Qui-Gon -- grappling hook launcher

Wave 2

  • Darth Maul -- Slashing lightsaber
  • Jar Jar Binks -- Firing projectile
  • Anakin -- Backpack fires missile
  • Padmé Amidala -- Blaster with pull-out zipline
  • Obi-Wan -- Light-up lightsaber
  • Qui-Gon -- Light-up lightsaber

Star Wars Vintage Collection

There will be over 40 figures in the announced 2012 Vintage Collection, with over 75% exhibiting stylistic upgrades or changes from previous releases. The series will include characters from all six movies, The Clone Wars, and Expanded Universe.

Star Wars Fighter Pods

This new collectible character game features a simple play concept: Set up your collection of miniature figures and use the pods to knock them down! Here's the official description:

"Micro heroes, mega battles! The new Star Wars collectible battling experience offers three ways to battle: Spin, Launch, or Roll your pod into battle! Over 100 Star Wars fighter pods figures from all six Star Wars films and The Clone Wars to collect!"

Discover the Force Figures

Finally, Walmart will be the exclusive distributor for Hasbro's new "Discover the Force" figures, a set of 12 different characters, two multi-packs, and two creature/vehicles in special 3D packaging (which also includes a pair of 3D glasses). The figure packages are a bit larger than traditional cardbacks, allowing additional accessories to be included with each.

Looks like fans and collectors have a lot to look forward to in the new year, with more great Star Wars products from Hasbro to follow (to be revealed at the New York Toy Fair in February, 2012).