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Design a Vehicle for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine Comic Strip

The Star Wars universe is filled with iconic vehicles, from the Millennium Falcon to Slave I to the Star Destroyer. And you can create the next memorable starship, speeder, and battle cruiser.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine number 17, currently on sale, is giving readers the chance to design and illustrate an all-new Star Wars vehicle in a new contest. The winning design will then be immortalized in an upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic strip and printed in the magazine.

Readers have free reign to create any kind of craft they want, for whichever side they want: Their creation could be destined to defend the Republic or aid the Separatists, it could be big and impress like an AT-AT or small and fast like Anakin's Jedi starfighter, and intended for the air, land or sea. And it can feature as many special modifications as needed.

For inspiration, head over to where Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine editor Mark McKenzie-Ray has put together some tips for would-be vehicle designers.

The winner and runners up will be announced in an upcoming issue of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine and readers will be able to follow the incorporation of the winning vehicle into the comic strip.