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Five Great Gift Ideas for Young Star Wars Fans

Need a gift idea for that young Star Wars fan in your life? Well we've narrowed down a list of possible contenders to just five, any of which should please a young (or old) fan hoping to receive that super special gift from a galaxy far, far away this holiday season:

1. The Clone Wars Republic Attack Shuttle

The Republic Attack Shuttle, which is scaled for the standard Hasbro Star Wars action figures, has everything a young Star Wars fan could want -- it's aggressive-looking, packed with projectile-firing cannons, has lights and sounds, converts into an attack base, and is big -- really BIG! Sporting a 21-inch wingspan, this is one of the coolest, meanest ships in the Republic's arsenal, and one any young Star Wars fan is sure to pack full of battle-ready clone troopers!

2. LEGO Millennium Falcon

When it comes to ships in the Star Wars galaxy, few can rival the Millennium Falcon. It's fast, dependable, and boasts one of the hottest starpilots in the galaxy. And this LEGO version lives up to that reputation.

The LEGO Millennium Falcon, which measures a generous 15 inches long and includes over 1,200 pieces, is a perfect project for the mildly-experienced LEGO builder (recommended 9 to 14 years) or as a child/parent team project. Once constructed, the Falcon becomes a playset and vehicle in one, with multiple play zones nestled within the fold-up hull and cockpit. Six mini figures from A New Hope are included, as well as flick missiles and rotatable cannons. The builder can of course fit out the Falcon with any "special modifications" of his or her choosing.

3. The Clone Wars Deluxe Animation Studio

Most budding Star Wars artists would savor the chance to get their carefully-drawn lightsabers and laserblasts to actually glow on the page -- and now they can with the Meon Deluxe Animation Studio, which uses "neon-esque" wire to enhance pre-drawn Star Wars designs or one-of-a-kind artistic creations!

The magical Meon wire, which "lights up in whatever form you bend, lace and shape," seems a perfect fit for artistic creations set in the Star Wars universe, and even includes flashing animation, sound effects, and other cool features to enhance your young fan's creativity. The Meon Picture Maker series actually includes six different sets from Star Wars and The Clone Wars (from "Deluxe" to "Mini"), as well as a booster pack that includes extra wire and Star Wars picture sheets (older fans might enjoy these as well to enhance their collectibles displays)!

4. Darth Vader Ultimate FX Lightsaber

If there's one sure-fire Star Wars toy that is destined to please, it's an Ultimate FX Lightsaber. Sporting a bright light-up blade, signature lightsaber "hum" and battle clash lights and sounds, the Ultimate FX Lightsaber is an affordable, kid-friendly alternative to the luxurious collector-grade replica lightsabers wielded by older brothers and sisters. For around $35, these lighter, more agile lightsabers are built for play and feature many of the bells and whistles of the high-end replicas without the cost.

5. Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray

If you've got a young Star Wars fan at home who is intimately familiar with the exploits of Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan and Yoda from The Clone Wars television series, 2012 may be the year to let them take their first step into a larger world!

The entire Star Wars saga, now available on Blu-ray and DVD, explores Anakin's life both before and after his adventures during The Clone Wars, from his introduction as a boy to his wife-to-be Padmé Amidala in Episode I to his tragic confrontation with son Luke Skywalker in Episode VI. The six-chapter Star Wars saga wraps neatly around The Clone Wars series, giving your young Star Wars fan a deeper understanding of the characters and galaxy-changing events that begin to unfold during The Clone Wars. Of course, if giant space battles, action-packed lightsaber duels, heroic rescues and daring escapes are what your favorite Star Wars fan is into, it goes without saying that the six-movie saga does not disappoint.

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