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Republic attack cruiser

Star Destroyer Precursor



The Republic attack cruiser was not primarily a cargo transport, troop carrier or other replenishment or supply vessel; it was developed and honed for ship-to-ship combat. Its huge armored shape had an aggressive, dagger-like profile, studded with heavy weapons emplacements capable of punching through powerful shields and sturdy armor. From its twin elevated conning towers, the crew of clones and other Republic military officers oversaw the craft's operations.

The front half of the ship's spine contained a massive flight deck capable of scrambling the latest in Republic starfighters. The huge hangar doors opened to allow ships to land or takeoff from the deck; the vessel also had a smaller docking bay entrance on its lower side.


1,155 meters long
Capital ship cruiser
Turbolasers, laser cannons, tractor beams, proton torpedo launchers
Galactic Republic


Admiral Kilian

Admiral Kilian

A proud naval traditionalist, Admiral Kilian opted to go down with his beloved cruiser Endurance when it suffered catastrophic reactor failure and crash landed on the crystal peaks of Vanqor.

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Admiral Wulff Yularen

Admiral Yularen

Admiral Yularen was a bridge officer aboard the starship Resolute. The Jedi cruiser was often the flagship of a larger battle group, such as during the campaign to destroy the Malevolence, or the engagements over Bothawui and Ryloth.

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Jedi starfighter

Jedi starfighter

The Republic attack cruiser serves as a launch platform for short range fightercraft, such as the V-19 and ARC-170s piloted by clone troopers and the arrowhead-shaped Delta-7B fighters used by the Jedi Order.

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Separatist dreadnought

Separatist dreadnought

Separatist dreadnoughts tangled with Republic attack cruisers in some of the most notable battles of the Clone Wars. Over Sullust, Christophsis and Coruscant itself, these enormous warships have exchanged devastating broadsides.

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The ion blast from the Malevolence could cripple the electronic and power systems aboard a Republic attack cruiser. A task force including the Resolute and Negotiator chased the Malevolence, damaging it severely.

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