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Mon Calamari star cruiser

Backbone of the Alliance Fleet



The gentle Mon Calamari people brought more than their determination to restore freedom to the galaxy when they joined the Rebel Alliance. They also brought a fleet of powerful capital ships. These immense vehicles were a startling contrast to the straight-lined shapes favored by the Imperial fleet. Whereas the Imperial Star Destroyer resembles a pointed dagger in shape, a Mon Calamari cruiser lacks hard angles, and is covered with ovoid forms suggesting an organic sculpture.

Despite their smooth lines, these vessels pack an enormous punch. Turbolasers, ion cannons, tractor beam projectors and shield generators dot the flowing surface of the ships.


  1. Episode VI
Mon Cala
About 1,200 meters long
Capital ship cruiser
Turbolasers, laser cannons, tractor beams
Rebel Alliance




Admiral Ackbar commanded the attack on the second Death Star from the bridge of the headquarters frigate, Home One.

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Rebel Alliance

Rebel Alliance

The Rebel Alliance made do with whatever fighting vessels it could, often pushing older, dilapidated vessels to their limits. When the Mon Calamari committed their fleet to the Rebel cause, it helped even the odds against the Imperial Starfleet.

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Death Star


During the Battle of Endor, the second Death Star targeted its superlaser against Republic cruisers. A single blast from its powerful weapon could completely vaporize a Mon Calamari cruiser.

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X-wing starfighter

X-wing fighter

Squadrons of X-wing fighters served as defensive screens for the Mon Calamari cruisers. During the attack on the second Death Star, the cruisers tried to form a perimeter as the starfighters penetrated the Death Star's superstructure.

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Imperial Star Destroyer

Imperial Star Destroyer

When the shield around the second Death Star proved active and its primary weapon proved operational, Lando Calrissian ordered the bold plan of having the Rebel cruisers engage Imperial Star Destroyers at close range to prevent the battle station from getting a clear shot.

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