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B-wing fighter

Heavily Armed Starfighter



Perhaps the oddest-looking starfighter in the Rebel Alliance fleet, the B-wing fighter is as powerful as it is ungainly. The ship's structure is almost entirely taken up by its primary airfoil, which houses a cylindrical cockpit on one end, an engine cluster in the center, and a heavy weapons pod at its base. Located just below the engine cluster are a pair of S-foils which can deploy to extend the firing arc of twin laser cannons. The B-wing's command pod has a unique gyroscopic control system. The pilot can orient it so that it always stays level with a pre-designated horizon line. No matter which way the B-wing may maneuver laterally, its pilot remains upright.


  1. Episode VI
16.9 meters long
Heavy assault starfighter
laser cannon, proton torpedoes, ion cannon
Rebel Alliance


X-wing starfighter

X-wing fighter

The workhorse of the Rebel Alliance starfighter arsenal, the X-wing sets the standard of performance in space superiority combat. Though slower than an X-wing, the B-wing has greater firepower, hull integrity and shield strength, allowing it to risk attack runs on much larger capital ships.

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Y-wing starfighter

Y-wing fighter

An aged and battle-proven combat model, the Y-wing serves as a long range bomber craft for the Rebellion, and in many ways was the predecessor to the heavily armed B-wing fighter.

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A-wing fighter

A-wing fighter

The A-wing is quite the opposite of the B-wing -- it is fast, lightly armed, and features a traditional and functional design that favors speed.

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ARC-170 starfighter

ARC-170 starfighter

Starfighter technology accelerated with the demands of the Clone Wars. The ARC-170 was one of the most sophisticated combat craft of the era.

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Jedi T-6 shuttle

Jedi T-6 shuttle

The Jedi T-6 shuttle shares a design feature with the B-wing: a rotating cockpit assembly that stays fixed to a relative horizon while the ship's primary hull rotates to a new orientation.

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