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A-wing fighter

Rebel Alliance interceptor



With its sleek arrowhead shape, streamlined cockpit and massive twin engines, the A-wing starfighter suggests raw speed even when parked within Alliance hangar bays. Faster than even the TIE interceptor, the A-wing is well suited for lightning strikes. It sports a pair of pivoting laser cannons on each wingtip. The starfighters of Green Squadron, which flew in the Battle of Endor, were made up of A-wing starfighters.


  1. Episode VI
9.6 meters long
High speed interceptor
Two laser cannons, concussion missiles
Rebel Alliance


X-wing starfighter

X-wing fighter

The workhorse of the Rebel Alliance starfighter arsenal, the X-wing sets the standards of performance in space superiority combat. Though slower than an A-wing, the X-wing has a greater balance of firepower, hull integrity and shield strength, whereas the A-wing relies mostly on its blinding speed to outmaneuver slower enemies.

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Y-wing starfighter

Y-wing fighter

An aged and battle-proven combat model, the Y-wing serves as a long range bomber craft for the Rebellion. Almost plodding when compared to the raw sublight velocities achievable by the A-wing, the Y-wing is far more rugged and can carry much more ordnance.

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TIE fighter

TIE fighter

The standard TIE fighter relied on numerical superiority along with high speed and nimble agility to overwhelm the forces of the Rebel Alliance. The A-wing proved a capable adversary to the standard TIE models, but later generation TIE interceptors challenged the speeds of A-wing fighters.

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Death Star


A-wing fighter forces contributed to the Rebel Alliance's assault on the second Death Star. A group of A-wings accompanied General Lando Calrissian's daring strike at the Death Star's vulnerable reactor core. The offered invaluable assistance in drawing away TIE fighter pursuers from the Millennium Falcon.

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