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Mon Cala

Divided Water World



Also known as Mon Calamari or Dac, Mon Cala is a a beautiful aquatic world filled with lush coral reefs and kelp forests bathed by the light of twin suns. It is home to the Mon Calamari and Quarren people. The two cultures have long clashed over their differences, but under the rule of the 82nd King of Mon Cala, Yos Kolina, these disputes were kept civil and respectful. His sudden assassination and the arrival of Separatist forces during the Clone Wars tipped the scales to civil war, with the Quarren staging an uprising against the Mon Calamari, backed by Confederacy forces and Karkaradon leader, Riff Tamson. It was up to the Jedi and Republic envoys to help young Prince Lee-Char, heir to the Mon Cala throne, restore peace to the planet.


  1. The Clone Wars
Divided; Quarren backed by Separatists, Mon Calamari allied to the Republic; later, supporter of the Rebel Alliance


Prince Lee-Char


A young prince thrust into the center of a planetary conflict by the sudden death of his father, Prince Lee-Char sees uniting Mon Cala as a challenge worthy of a king.

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Riff Tamson

Riff Tamson

Ruthless troublemaker Riff Tamson is the perfect Separatist agent to stir up the undercurrents of hostility among Mon Cala's native peoples. Answering to Count Dooku, Tamson hopes to receive a powerful gift for his service: rule of Mon Cala.

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A wise soldier, Captain Ackbar served the Mon Calamari Guard during the Clone Wars, acting as adviser to Prince Lee-Char when civil war erupted on the planet. Ackbar would later lead a sizable contingent of Mon Calamari natives in the Rebel Alliance's struggle against the Galactic Empire.

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Mon Calamari star cruiser

Mon Calamari star cruiser

When the Mon Calamari joined the Rebel Alliance, they brought with them majestic and powerful star cruisers that formed the backbone of the growing Rebel fleet.

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