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A Primeval World



Not far from Patitite Pattuna, the planet Balnab is a primitive world, made of a stellar remnant still in the early stages of its development. In its relatively recent past, an alien starship crashed on the planet, and the surviving crew became the lone intelligence on the primeval world. Intelligence is a relative term, of course. The Balnab denizens were hoodwinked into cowing before the towering holographic form of Albee Dewaw, the iron-fisted dictator of Balnab. During one of their misadventures of the Clone Wars, C-3PO and R2-D2 revealed the truth behind Albee Dewaw to the stunned Balnab dwellers.


  1. The Clone Wars
Swamps, rocky canyons


C-3PO (See-Threepio)


When their starfighter ran out of power after departing Patitite Pattuna, C-3PO and R2-D2 were forced to land on Balnab. They were immediately kidnapped by tee-mus-riding alien primitives who brought the droids before their holographic leader, Albee Deewa. Threepio spoke before the ill-tempered, loud-mouthed dictator.

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As C-3PO tried to reason with the raging Albee Deewa, R2-D2's sensors detected an anomaly in the nearby cliff-face. The curious droid found an advanced control system hidden in the rocks, and revealed Albee Deewa to be nothing more than a holographic figment concocted by mischievous pit droids.

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pit droid

pit droid

Pit droids are ordinarily helpful mechanics that scurry about making quick fixes on Podracers and starships. One particular group of pit droids decided to turn the tables on organic beings and make them subservient for a change. To that end, they created a holographic ruler to boss about the primitive castaways on Balnab.

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