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Boss Nass

Big Boss of the Gungans



The stout and stern leader of the Gungans, Boss Nass was a proud keeper of his people's ways. His booming voice issued decrees on behalf of all the Gungans of Otoh Gunga. He kept a tight rein on Gungan affairs, continuing a longstanding custom of isolationism. Ages ago, a cultural misunderstanding led to a rift between the Gungan and the Naboo colonists. This tension was perpetuated by stubbornness and ignorance on both sides.

Though Nass' temper is short, he is not entirely close-minded. Displays of courage and humility can pierce through his preconceptions. When Queen Amidala prostrated herself before the Gungan leader to request his aid in fighting off the Trade Federation invasion, he was impressed. The Naboo didn't consider themselves superior to the Gungans, after all.

Nass committed the Gungan Grand Army to wage war against invading battle droids. When the Trade Federation was repulsed from Naboo, Nass joined Amidala in a huge celebratory parade that united the Naboo and the Gungans in a new era of peace and cooperation.


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Gungan Rep Council
Heyblibber sumbarine


Padmé Amidala


Queen Amidala was the first of the Naboo to offer an alliance with the Gungans. By humbly requesting Boss Nass' help, the Queen was able to avoid the reputation of arrogance that the Gungans had perceived from the human surface-dwellers of their home world.

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Gungan Grand Army

Grand Army

As the Boss of Otoh Gunga, Nass was the ultimate authority of the Gungan Grand Army. He could call in additional Gungans from across Naboo to bolster the ranks of the military, creating a sizable fighting force.

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Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks

Boss Nass exiled Jar Jar Binks from Otoh Gunga after one foul-up too many. Exasperated with the clumsy Gungan for crashing his prized heyblibber submarine, Nass ejected Binks and enacted the "nocomebackie law," which threatened Jar Jar with pain of being pounded to death should he return.

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Otoh Gunga

Otoh Gunga

Boss Nass presided over Otoh Gunga, a spectacular underwater city hidden beneath the serene surface of a Naboo lake. The glittering city was made of hydrostatic bubbles powered by unique Gungan technology.

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Naboo is home to two isolated cultures -- the surface-dwelling human colonists, and the amphibious Gungan natives. Cultural misunderstandings kept the two peoples apart, but Boss Nass and Queen Amidala were able to forge a solid alliance.

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