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Insights from SWTOR's Lead Designer

Digital Trends sits down to chat with Daniel Erickson about the v1.3 Allies update, and what's to come in the future for the popular MMO.
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Fighter Pods Battle Game

Play the new Fighter Pods Rampage Battle Game online, and unlock additional battlefields with your Star Wars Hasbro toys!

Star Wars Keyboard with Touch-Screen Dispaly

This new keyboard is perfect for a spot of Star Wars: The Old Republic, or any other MMO's you're into.
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SWTOR: HK-51 Revealed

Cold, calculating, and ruthlessly efficient, HK-51 will stand by your side and loyally follow your command as you and your allies continue your journey.
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SWTOR: Free Trial now available

Now you will be able to live out your very own Star Wars saga with thousands of other players up to level 15 with no charge or time limit.
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1313: Star Wars' Gritty New Direction

Forbes interviews 1313's Creative Director, Dominic Robillard, about the mature themes of the much anticipated Star Wars 1313.
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SWTOR: Fight with Allies

Explore the new features available to you with Game Update 1.3 for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
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Nine Years of Star Wars Galaxies

Larry Everett takes a look back at the first Star Wars MMORPG.
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SWTOR: Ask Your Questions Here

Ask developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic your questions on the Official Q&A Thread.
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SWTOR at E3 2012

"The future of Star Wars: The Old Republic is incredibly bright," according to Electronic Gaming Monthly, but they aren't the only ones raving about the future of the galaxy far, far away.