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SWTOR Game Update!

Details on the new update, including Ancient Hypergate!
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Star Wars: The Old Republic's Jeff Hickman Encourages Player Feedback

Executive producer Jeff Hickman speaks on the importance of player feedback of the new free-to-play model.
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SWTOR Launches Free-to-Play Option Today

A Free-to-Play option for the critically-acclaimed, massively multiplayer online game, Star Wars: The Old Republic is now live.
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First Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer

That's no moon...
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia Trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia is the essential in-depth guide to the characters, weapons, vehicles, events and planets of the Star Wars galaxy during the turbulent times of the Old Republic.
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SWTOR: Quality of Life Improvements

On top of the major upgrades, Game update 1.4 of Star Wars: The Old Republic has several features designed to improve the overall quality of life for players.
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Star Wars 1313 Interview: Dominic Robbilliard

The Official Playstation Magazine chats with Dominc Robbilliard, creative director of Star Wars 1313, about collaborating with Industrial Light and Magic, visuals vs. gameplay and overpowered Jedi.
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Official Playstation Magazine UK on Star Wars 1313

Official Playstation Magazine UK visits LucasArts to find out why the next Star Wars movie is a game.
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The Fan Favorite Reward is "The Party Jawa"

Current subscribers to Star Wars: The Old Republic will receive this special item when the game launches its new Free-to-Play option this Fall.
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SWTOR: Developer Update: Class Changes and Balance

Austin Peckenpaugh, Senior Designer on Star Wars: The Old Republic, discuses balance changes coming in Game Update 1.4.