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Star Wars at the Olympics

Checkout what this Photobucket user has done with Stormtroopers, LEGOs and the Olympic Games!

How much is a Wookiee Head Worth?

An original Star Wars Chewbacca headpiece is tops at a weekend prop auction, while the film's original poster art went for $73,800 and a screen-used blaster rifle fetched $104,550.

Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

Kotobukiya has redone their lightsaber chopsticks to now feature LED lights.

The Clone Wars Adventures Card Assault

Sony Online Entertainment's free-to-play virtual world, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures today launches the latest full featured in-game trading card game, Card Assault.

Hasbro Star Wars MTT Droid Carrier

Pocket-lint takes a look at Hasbro's newly revealed Multi Troop Transport Droid Carrier.

LEGO Death Star Clock

This original LEGO project was found through the LEGO Cuusoo website.
Books and Comics

A Guide to Star Wars Cast & Crew Items

Duncan Jenkins and Gus Lopez take the reader on a tour of crew memorabilia from all of the Star Wars films and productions.

Star Wars GPS helps avoid Dark Side

Navigation maker Dinos has inked a licensing deal with Lucasfilm that conjures up an all-out, Star Wars-themed car navigation system.
Video Games

Fighter Pods Battle Game

Play the new Fighter Pods Rampage Battle Game online, and unlock additional battlefields with your Star Wars Hasbro toys!

Star Wars Keyboard with Touch-Screen Dispaly

This new keyboard is perfect for a spot of Star Wars: The Old Republic, or any other MMO's you're into.