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Matt Busch's Dark Empire Poster Giveaway

Star Wars Artist Matt Busch has produced a limited edition poster that will be given away for FREE, exclusively at Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida this weekend.

CVI: Exclusive Patch Sets

Five Star Wars collecting clubs along with the Celebration VI Collecting Track will mark Celebration VI by giving away sections of an exclusive 6-piece patch set.

Move Objects without touching them

Tap into the Force with a Jedi glove that lets you move objects using the power of science.

LEGO-Is-my-ally Deal of the day

If you want to have some fun and revert back to a kid again, check out this Lego Star Wars Fury-class Interceptor at a 21% discount.

Star Wars-Themed Jerseys

The Double-A Akron Aeros debuted the new uniforms for a special Star Wars Night yesterday at Canal Park.

Vintage Star Wars Toy Love

Charlie Gates reminisces about his old Star Wars toys and shares a vintage TV ad from the 70's.

Chewbacca bag holds all your Wookiee Stuff

Stash your laptop, lightsaber, and Jawas in a re-creation of Chewbacca's Wookiee purse from Star Wars.

Star Wars Helmets with Horns

Check out this horned Boba Fett Samurai helmet!

Geek Girls in the Fashion World

Star Wars: The Clone Wars voice actor Ashley Eckstein leads the charge with her clothing line Her Universe, creating geek chic fashion apparel for women.

The Star Wars Nursery

Check out this lucky newborn's Star Wars oasis.