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Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #3

Big Shiny Robot reviews the newly released comic from Dark Horse.
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Exclusive Interview with Star wars WRiter

John Jackson Miller, author of Star Wars comics, novels and short stories, takes some time at Comic-Con to give Big Shiny Robot the scoop on his upcoming projects.
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Princess Lei to be X-Wing Pilot

Dark Horse Comics' new Star Wars comic, set during the original trilogy, will feature Princess Leia in the middle of all the action.
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Brian Wood tackles new Dark Horse series

The new comic series will be set during the period covered in the original trilogy.
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Republic Commando: Hard Contact

Now is a great time to familiarize yourself with the highly-trained, intensely-loyal brotherhood that is the Galactic Republic's clone army. Check out the first book in the Republic Commando series.

Star Wars Blue Prints Deal of the Day

Gizmodo's Deal of the Day is the Original Star Wars Blueprints Collection for 30% Off.

Submit Your Star Wars Fan Fiction

At this year's Comic-Con International, Random House Audio will be recreating an audiobook studio right on the convention floor-inviting authors of fan fiction to record a sample of their work for a chance to have their story recorded and released as a digital audiobook.
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The Best Star Pilots in the Galaxy

Paul Urquhart teams up with artist Frank-Joseph Frelier to create a series of portraits of the iconic combat pilots from the Star Wars novels.
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The Secret Origin of Jedi Order

Yahoo caught up with Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi writer John Ostrander as he explains how he and artist Jan Duursema - another Star Wars comics veteran - have finally pulled back the curtain on the origins of the Jedi, the Sith and the Star Wars universe itself.
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10 Essential Star Wars Comics

Since its creation, Star Wars has had a long and illustrious history in comic books, from saving Marvel in the 1970s to the successful multi-title franchise at Dark Horse that it is now.