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Dave Filoni looks back at Season 6

A wrap up discussion with The Clone Wars supervising director on the show's final storylines.

Star Shots

A young fan sees a stormtrooper for the first time at Planet Comicon in Kansas City.

Photos: Star Wars in North Africa

A collection of photos from the Tunisian deserts used to film Star Wars

Star Wars legion lives

Enthusiasts throng Madicon, a sci-fi and gaming convention.
Books and Comics

Exclusive cover peek at latest Ian Doescher parody

The best-selling Shakespearean Star Wars parodies continue with William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return.
Books and Comics

The Empire Striketh Back: See Shakespeare channel Star Wars

William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back by author Ian Doescher is the second installment of his best-selling Elizabethan adaptation of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Top Five Lightsaber Duels

Since Episode VII is coming out, let's count down the best lightsaber duels.

There's Madness in a galaxy far, far away

If your favorite Star WArs characters faced off against one another, who would come out as the victor?

Star Wars Insider to run two-part short story

David J. Williams and Mark S. Williams are writing a two-part short story set during Return of the Jedi, and it will appear in Insider issues #149 and #150.
In Pop Culture

Ace of cakes R2-D2 cake

A life-size R2-D2 cake made by Ace of Cakes was the centerpiece at a lavish Bay Area wedding.