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Pets dressed as Star Wars characters

Pets posed in front of a green screen for a Star Wars-themed photo shoot to celebrate the new Petco Pet Fans collection.
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Star Wars named best summer movie of all time

Star Wars beat out 31 other beloved films to take the title of the best summer movie.

10 places every star wars fan should visit

A list of 10 real-world Star Wars locations that fans can travel to.
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Star Wars Vine Challenge

Mashable asks readers to create a mashup of Star Wars and another series or universe for this week's "Vine Challenge."

Rare action figure expected to make a mint

The coveted vinyl-caped Jawa appears at auction.

SWC2015: Important Dates

The deadline for fan programming and other important dates for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.
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Sand People and super troopers

Costumed Star Wars fans play beach volleyball in Toronto.
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The Force is strong at Star Wars-themed baby shower

Fanboys Director, Kyle Newman, and his wife, actress Jaime King, threw a Star Wars-themed shower to celebrate their first child.
Episode VII

What the new Star Wars movies need: Grand Admiral Thrawn

Fueled by Episode VII rumors, MTV's Movies Blog proposes the inclusion of Grand Admiral Thrawn in the new Star Wars films.
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TIE fighter bed and galaxy mural

The ultimate geeked-out bedroom with a custom-designed starfighter bed and wall murals.