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Ginormous wookiee cosplay

One dedicated fan created a highly-detailed 8'2" Tarfull costume.

Peter Mayhew Looks to the future

Legendary Star Wars actor, Peter Mayhew, will undergo a series of surgeries to repair both of his knees.
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Darth Vader plays bagpipes

A video of a kilt-clad Darth Vader playing the bagpipes while riding a unicycle goes viral.

Rick Carter to receive lifetime achievement award

Two-time Oscar winning production designer Rick Carter is to be receive the Art Director's Guild Lifetime Achievement Award.
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"A New Hope" Animated GIF

A 60-second animated GIF tells the entire story of Star Wars: A New Hope.
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Jennifer Heddle writing for Star Wars Insider

Star Wars Insider #145 will feature a short story about princess Leia, written by Lucasfilm's Jennifer Heddle.

James Arnold Taylor Facebook Q&A

The transcript from The Clone Wars voice actor James Arnold Taylor's chat on Del Rey's Star Wars Books Facebook page.
Books and Comics

10 Expanded Universe stories every fan should read

A countdown of 10 must-read additions to the vast Star Wars Expanded Universe.

This is the lightsaber troupe you're looking for

Jedi Saber Combat is a Maryland-based lightsaber artistry ensemble dedicated to promoting charity and community events.

4 design insights from Drew Struzan

The artist behind many of film's most iconic posters, Drew Struzan, gives a glimpse into his creative process.