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Playing Star Wars at home in Mexico City

Photographer Marcel Rius' series "Fanatic Wars" captures the lives of Star Wars costumers and collectors in Mexico.
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io9 March Madness

Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are the finalists in io9's March Madness tournament.
In Pop Culture

A Star Wars Crush

One young fan discovers Star Wars, and her favorite droid.
In Pop Culture

Christopher Nolan on his Star Wars influence

During an interview about his new film, Nolan reminisced about his experience as a boy going to see Star Wars multiple times.

Celebrate May the 4th at Rancho Obi-Wan

Celebrate May the 4th in the ultimate Star Wars environment!

Allegiant, Star Wars characters welcome 50th Make-A-Wish child to Orlando

An Illinois boy was shocked to see Star Wars characters waiting for him when he stepped off the plane in Orlando.

Star Wars Podracer from Kerbal Space Program

A fan created an actua, workin podracer in spacecraft-building simulator Kerbal Space Program, and even made a video of the podracer in flight.
Video Games

Announcing Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within

Star Wars Pinball is expanding with four new tables from Zen Studios.
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Minor-league baseball teams go with Star Wars jerseys

A number of minor-league baseball teams debuted Star Wars-themed jerseys this season.

Lessons from a galaxy far, far away

Life lessons for those who grew up on Star Wars, and are now sharing that experience with a younger generation.