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Star Wars skinny ties

A collection of subtle, stylish Star Wars-themed neckwear is available in Japan.

Escape Pod lands in Tunisian Desert

A suspicious meteor has landed in the Tunisian desert, just outside the real-life city of Tataouine.

Star Wars birthday a big success

A loving letter from Grandfather to Granddaughter after her Star Wars-themed birthday party.
Video Games

SWTOR: A Record of the Dread Masters

Information from the archives regarding the Dread Masters' origins, goals and influence.

A look inside the 501st Legion

An interview with Albin Johnson, founder of the worldwide Star Wars 501st Legion costuming club.

Life-sized Action Figure

This life-sized Stormtrooper is a nearly six-feet-tall replica of the original Kenner toy.
In Pop Culture

World's Largest Star Wars collection includes a working cantina

Rancho Obi-Wan, the Guinnes Award holder for the world's largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia, boasts over 300,000 unique pieces.
In Pop Culture

Peter Mayhew to appear on Cosplay show

The Star Wars actor will appear on Syfy's show, Heroes of Cosplay, to help surprise a cast member.

Star Wars Halloween costumes for pets

Pets show off their new Star Wars Halloween costumes from Petco.

Meet Gus Lopez: collector extraordinaire

A man so Star Wars hardcore he went to Tunisia to see the filming locations and brought back some set decorations.