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In pictures: Star Wars art

The archives of Lucasfilm contain many treasures for film buffs, among them the concept art that shaped the look of the Star Wars universe.
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Star Wars meat sculptures

Tumblr Epic Grinds creates movies and video game sculptures out of meat.
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Take a look at some new Star Wars Concept art

i09 debuted some never-before-seen concept artwork from a new book called Star Wars Art: Concept.
Video Games

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Star Wars teams up with NimbleBit to create Tiny Death Star, a new addition to the popular Tiny Tower franchise.
In Pop Culture

Formula to end shyness

Presentation expert Nancy Duarte offers this advice to overcome the fear of public speaking: be like Yoda.
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Going through the Jedi drawers

It's 30 years since the release of Return of the Jedi, and now a detailed making of book is being released about the film.
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Ariel imaging plate turns holograms into touchscreens

A new hologram technology upstages Star Wars by creating interactive, floating holograms.
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Unseen pictures from the set of Return of the Jedi

The new book The Making of Return of The Jedi takes you behind the scenes of the classic three-quel.

Star Wars Reads Day: A growing Force for literacy

Star Wars fans around the world, along with authors, artists, and costumed volunteers will be flocking to libraries and bookstores October 5, for the 2nd annual Star Wars Reads Day.
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Must Buy: The Making of Return of the Jedi

J.W. Rinzler's highly-anticipated The Making of Return of the Jedi is on shelves now.