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Georgia wide receiver is filming his own homage to Star Wars

Georgia wide receiver Chris Conley loves Star Wars so much that he organized a group of his friends to dress up so he could film a video homage to the film series.

Team's 6th Annual Star Wars Day

The Lipscomb Athletics will host their 6th Annual Star Wars Day featuring appearances from their local 501st Legion Garrison.

Valentine's Day gift guide

Hero Complex has your geeky Valentine's Day gifts covered.

Star Wars Day at the Tudor Drive Library

The library is not very far away, but if the Force is strong with you head over to Tudor Drive for a Star Wars-themed day, including a quiz and coloring competition.
In Pop Culture

Here's how you'd really fight with a lightsaber

Established by three friends in 2005, the LudoSport Lightsaber Combat Academy aims to teach the seven lightsaber fighting styles elaborated in the Expanded Universe.

Lightsaber umbrellas

ThinkGeek has a collection of umbrellas based on Darth Vader, Obi-Wan and Yoda's lightsabers.

Star Wars-style bionic hand lets amputee feel again

We geeks all have the same platonice prosthesis ideal: Luke Skywalker's mech-hand. We're getting there, bit by bit.
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Cara Delevigne brought a lightsaber to the train station

The model was spotted in Paddington Train Station in London waving around a lit lightsaber.
Video Games

Bioware opens up the galactic starfigher digital expansion

Now you can customize and pilot your own Starfighter in space PvP combat in the Star Wars Universe - for free.
In Pop Culture

Star Wars goes Guiney in Piggy Pics

Artits Timothy Lim recently released a photoshoot casting his guinea pigs (and a bunny) in famous Star Wars roles.