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Cara Delevigne brought a lightsaber to the train station

The model was spotted in Paddington Train Station in London waving around a lit lightsaber.
Video Games

Bioware opens up the galactic starfigher digital expansion

Now you can customize and pilot your own Starfighter in space PvP combat in the Star Wars Universe - for free.
In Pop Culture

Star Wars goes Guiney in Piggy Pics

Artits Timothy Lim recently released a photoshoot casting his guinea pigs (and a bunny) in famous Star Wars roles.

Star Wars Rebels is recruiting!

Do you have what it takes to be a TIE Fighter Pilot in the Galactic Empire?

Rebels Beware

Imperial patriotism campaign asks citizens to fight the good fight.

Join the Empire: Exclusive Art from Star Wars Rebels

We're still more than half a year away from the launch of Star Wars Rebels, but fans are already abuzz about the details.

Exclusive Star Wars Rebels image reveal: Join the Empire!

2500 lucky individuals around the world received a special gift from the Empire.

Star Wars Rebels gains a new poster

Portuguese site, Omelete, covers the release of new propaganda posters for the Star Wars Rebels animated series.

New Art for Star Wars Rebels

The animated series gets propaganda-style art.

Explore the Death Valley canyon where Luke met the sandpeople

One enterprising Star Wars fan found more than just womp rats on a trip to Death Valley.