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Epic Easter Eggs

A dented eggshell served as the inspiration for a truly epic Star Wars-themed Easter egg.

Hasbro Got it Right - Star Wars Black Series

Wave 4 of the popular line of figures is now available for pre-order.

2014 Topps Star Wars Wacky Packages Trading Cards

The 2014 Topps Star Wars Wacky Packages base set has 100 cards mashing up household items and the Star Wars Universe.
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First look: The Goldbergs Star Wars crossover

The Goldbergs creator Adam F. Goldberg, a lifelong Star Wars,/i> nut, will flash back to the release of Return of the Jedi for the sitcom's May 6 episode.

Star WArs characters invade science center

Members from the 501st UK Garrison recently invaded Winchester Science Center and Planetarium.
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Star Wars Thursday: One Choice Edition

Which Divergent Faction would Star Wars characters join?
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The Unsung Heroes of Star Wars

Take a look at some of the people who are an essential part of why we love that galaxy far, far away.

The aliens of Mos Eisley cantina

Cool behind-the-scenes photos show off the various alien extras in the iconic scene.
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8 Fascinating things we learned from Harrison Ford's AMA

The legendary actor stopped by Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session and fielded questions from fans.
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Georgia WR Chris Conley and his Star Wars tribute

Georgia wide receiver Chris Conley transformed his love of filmmaking and Star Wars into his own short film tribute and student-run production company.